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Čisté a dekorované sklo zn. "Bohemia Glass"

Our Company OMNIA Glass Ltd. is the Czech wholesalers and exporter of the famous Bohemia glass for home, hotels and other public buildings from the year 1998. The Czech glass with label “Bohemia Crystal” or “Bohemia glass” is sought after its excellence and high quality. Hundreds of years by the Czech glass are synonymous with beauty and perfect craftsmanship.

Stemware and drinking glass consist of main parts: goblets,flutes, tumblers, carafes and jugs. These parts can reach manifold forms and sizes. There is a countless wealth of shapes and combinations, from simple to sophisticated ones, from romantic to modern ones which can be use in hotel industry, restaurants and other types of catering industry.


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Čisté a dekorované sklo pro Váš stůl zn. "Bohemia Glass"



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